Friday, September 23, 2011

IT'S A NEW SEASON!!!!!!!!!

Today, here in the USA, at 5:04am, officially started Autumn!!!!!
It's a new season!!!!
My favorite season!!!!
I just love the colors of the trees, the smell of pumpkin pies and apple cider, the candles are everywhere you go, the wind is so free and deliciously chili. I feel invigorated!!!
But in the midst of all that, I kind of feel do you feel??? Personally, I realize that we are about to enter the 4th trimester of the year, the last one. And most of my expectations have failed. No, I didn't loose the weight that I've promised I would back in December last year, no, I did not have the vacation that I've planned, I didn't go back to school, I wasn't as patient with my kids and my husband as I wanted, I didn't get to do anything planned at all!!!!! It's all lost! And now the year is almost over and Fall is already here.
 Christmas ornaments are being sold everywhere and I'm still looking for something new to come with this new season....anything new would be just extraordinary to me right now. It's really just the same old, same old.

Well, yesterday I caught myself thinking about that. I really hope I'm not the only woman that realizes this. Otherwise I'm up for some Valium!!!! lol
But, think about it girlfriend.... what plans have you made for this year and what have really come true? I'm not saying that I didn't accomplish anything at all. No. In fact, I had a blessed year (so far). But I'm always expecting more! I still have some dreams up in my sleeve.
Maybe you planned for a new boyfriend? a better marriage? new job? new career? new house? new car? new school?  And the only new thing really happening right now is the changing of seasons, which has being happening for the past 4,000 years, so I don't know if it really qualifies as new. So frustrating!!!!!
As I was thinking about sharing this with you, I set on my couch and right in front of my porch, I could see this beautiful, tall, tree. It's leaves are becoming yellow and preparing for the cold winter ahead. So apparently, this tree has not a very bright future ahead. Things will get worse before they get better. I almost started to cry, when the word of God came to my mind:

I imagined  that this tree would love to bear fruits, to bloom some flowers here and there, but this super tall tree, only has three stages: green leaves, yellow leaves and no leaves. Over and over, month after month, year after year. How boring!!!! However, I've never heard the tree complaining, ( please do something if I ever share that I'm hearing the tree complaining )  the tree is standing tall, with all of it's beauty, going through it's season and why am I questioning?
Dear friend,
If like me, today, you're feeling overwhelmed by the dreams, wishes, hopes, desires that are not happening right now in your life, your heart is full of frustrations or expectations, I just want to remind you that God makes all things new. Somehow, He will make a way. Keep dreaming! Don't loose your hope. Keep your Faith!!!! Be encouraged! You're NOT forgotten! The tree in my backyard is standing tall. God sends the sun, the rain and if He cares for a tree, how much more He cares for you??? He cares so much that He sent His son to die for you. To forgive  and give you eternal life, to give you hope.
You are loved my dear friend!!! You're special! And your dreams and desires are just as special to God.
For now, enjoy this new season! Lit up some candles in your house, bake some cookies or pies, or both!!! Go outside and take a deep breath.
Enjoy the new season in your
The best is yet to come!!!!!



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  1. Fernanda, Thank you for the sugar and lemons. What a tast! Lord bless you.
    Marco Romeiro