Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have a question for you: What was the first thing you did when you got up this morning? I don't mean brushing your teeth or combing your hair.
After you were ready...what was the first thing you did?
I'll answer myself.
I went to the kitchen to make my morning hot chocolate. I don't drink coffee. Sorry to disappoint you!
I also made a white toast with butter and Swiss cheese. Yum...
Right after that, I took my mug and sandwich and set in front of the computer and went straight to my Facebook page. Every morning this is my routine. What about you? How many times have you done the same? How many times during the day do you stop to look and see what people are saying or doing?

As Facebook launched their new version last week, I noticed how much people are exposing themselves there. People who were married suddenly become single! Shocking! People say where they are going, with whom they are going, what are they buying, when they are having sex with their husbands or other people ( yes, I've seen that as well ). Everyone is exposing the desires of their hearts, the pain that they are feeling on that day, who they hate, who they love, what they eat, their frustrations Oh my goodness!!! Facebook is not only a social network. It became the psychiatrist and confidant of troubled people!
 People become so brave behind the computer screen.There's no shame in hurt other peoples feeling. Everyone is so good in making sure that their opinion and thoughts are understood.

All of that made me think about a message that I've heard from Pastor Ana Paula Valadao, that was preached in a Woman's Conference in Dallas, TX, in 2009.
If  you have a Bible, go ahead and open it in II Kings 4:8-37. There you will find the story of the Shunammite's. She was a women who had her house open to the Prophet of God. Every time Elisha would go to Shunem, he would go to her house to eat. She decided than to make a room for him. She told her husband and he provided all. The prophet was so happy and thankful that he wanted to give her a gift. He asked his servant to call her to his room and asked her what would she like to have for all the trouble she was going through. Well, she was a rich women. She didn't need anything material. But Elisha really wanted to bless her so he asks his servant again "14.What can be done for her?" And Gehazi, his servant said "Well, she has no son and her husband is old". The prophet fast called her back and told her "16.About this time next year, you will hold a son in your arms". If you read the whole story you will see that her dream came through. I'm sure that if she had a Facebook account she would update her timeline every step of her pregnancy. She was happy!!! 9 months later her baby was born. What a joy!!! Everything was perfect. Until...one morning, he complaints of a headache and falls dead. Can you imagine her pain? What would you do?? Would you run to Facebook and share your pain? Would you make sure people would feel pity for you? Oh poor me! My son is dead!! I do not have words to express my pain ( yet, you're writing about it all the time on Facebook ).
No!!!! She took the boy's body, laid him on the bed of the prophet, then shut the door and went out. She asked her husband "for a ride". She wanted to go to see the prophet. He didn't understand why but he gave her a donkey and servant. And fast she left. She did NOT share what was happening not even with her husband, the father of the child! She just left. Quietly.
When the prophet saw her coming, he sent Gehazi, the servant, to find out what was happening:
"Are you all right? Is your husband all right? Is your child all right?" And what was her answer to him? "EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT! " She did not "post" what was happening. She kept going. And when the Prophet approached her, than, she felt on her knees and cried. Finish reading the passage and you'll see that all ended up well.
I really just want to show that she ran to the prophet. Not to Facebook!!!!
Where are you running to?!??!?!! Nobody needs to know that your marriage is not well. Or that you are desperately in love, that you don't have money, that you hate your in-laws or that you make enough money to buy this and that, or even that your period came and you have a headache!!!! Keep your problems to yourself!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!! People are sharing everything and than are posting adds telling other people to take care of their own lives. But they keep posting everything that they do!!!
If you are having a problem, if something is disturbing your heart, run to the Father's arms! NOT TO FACEBOOK!!!! People are jealous and they can destroy your life with words and actions. And you are inviting them inside your house, your privacy and for what????
Instead of trying to show something that is not, or to open your heart on Facebook, look for someone that can help you. A pastor, a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. But above all, seek Jesus Christ! He IS the only one that can heal your pain, give you the attention that you desperately need, He won't judge you, He won't make fun of you, He won't be jealous of you, He won't try to steal your possessions. Run to Jesus! Not to Facebook!
Be careful! Be aware! Be smart!
If you want to hear the message that Ana Paula Valadao preached, here's the link. It is in Portuguese though, I'm sorry.

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. " Philippians 4:8