Thursday, September 8, 2011


This morning I woke up determined to clean my kitchen. I had to sweep the floor, mop it, clean the balcony and cabinets, all the drill that you girls know about it.
So after I sent the kids to the bus stop, I started my "project of the day".
I started by cleaning and polishing my 6 wooden chairs. Moved them around so I could have more space to clean under the table. Started sweeping here and there...when something clicked in my mind: "Hum, I haven't cleaned the back of my fridge in a while..."
OK...I confess!!! It has been YEARS since the last time that I've cleaned behind my fridge!!!!
I'm guilty as charged!!!!
Suddenly all these thoughts came to my mind.... how gross it must be there now! I had an intruder a couple months ago. A mouse...yuck!! What am I gonna find there???
I had only 1 option: movie the fridge and find out!!!!
I was gonna take a picture to share with you girls but I've decided that in this life, there are things that we should only keep to ourselves. And that's what I did! No pictures!
But just to give you an idea, and I hope nobody is going to throw up, there was a huge, I mean, ginormous cobwebs. All over the place! hanging in there...enjoying all the freedom to multiply...
Of course there was some mouse droppings. I almost died when I saw that. ( I told you it was nasty. Aren't you glad I didn't take any pictures?? ). There was also some fridge magnets, some rubber bands, a big plastic Christmas Candy Cane and a little card from my mother in law to my husband.
As I kneel to clean, the Spirit of God started ministering to me.And that's what I want to share with you today.
People say that our kitchen is The Heart of the Home. There we find water to quench our thirst. We find food to feed and to give us comfort  ( some of us get to much comfort from food... but that's another story...hahaha). We share moments together as family, we laugh, we cry. It really all happens in a kitchen.
And our Heart is REALLY the Heart of ourselves. We keep all those great feelings deep inside our heart. There we keep our joys, our victories, the people that we love, our dreams, our desires.
However, many, many times, we hide, in a secret compartment, maybe behind our "fridge", some dust, some dirt, some bitterness, some hate, some sadness, some regrets, some low self esteem or dead dreams, wishes that never came true.
So today, dear friend, is officially CLEAN YOUR HEART DAY!!!
Go ahead! Drag your heart around, move from here to there, shake it a little bit.
And clean!!!!! Clean it up!!!! Let all of these feelings out of there!!!
It's no easy task, I know! You might have to bend a little, or kneel. You'll cry for sure!!!
But you know...the Bible says that "The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit." ( Psalm 51:10)
Stop a little today. Pray. Ask God to come and help you clean your heart! That not even a little "mouse dropping" or cobweb may stay there. Ask Him to come and wash it clean. Completely. From inside-out.

I'll be praying for you tonight. I know that God will help you with this task.
He's just waiting for you to call upon Him.
Later, share with us, if you feel like, how was your "cleaning day".
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I'll talk to you later!

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10


  1. Hey there!!! I love the blog. I love how you share your heart with humor and transparency! This is super cool. I want to be a follower :)

  2. Hey Fernanda, I'm so glad you decided to create this blog. I believe God has a beautiful plan in your life and I can see how He's using you in a especial way. This is definitely a tool that will reach a lot of lives in need. Keep being a blessing! With Love Pr Jessica